Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs and working on an Apple Mac

There will be millions of words written about Steve Jobs in the coming days, weeks and months. If you read one piece, make it Stephen Fry's eloquent summation of the man.

I will just say this.

I've spent many years working in newspapers on PCs and Macs. PCs are ok, they do the job, most of the time, but they are never, never a joy to work on.

Macs on the other hand have always been a constant source of delight. Every day you would find some lovely little quirk that just made your life as a writer, sub-editor or page designer that bit easier.

Macs work beautifully.

One of the jobs I loved the most was night editing the Daily Post. The accompaniment to the start of a shift was the welcome chimes of the ranks of subs' Macs as they switched on. It's a sound that I will always associate with getting a newspaper out and all the excitement, frustration and fun that involves.

Steve Jobs and his company's products made my working life that bit easier and more pleasurable. For that I'm very grateful.

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