Sunday, August 02, 2009

Theatrical quotation

It's a well-known, and derided, practice by theatres to selectively quote a review for the purpose of their playbills.

So a reviewer's comments such as "quite how this pile of drivel made it onto the stage is utterly amazing" becomes "utterly amazing" for the playbill.

When I said that David Jones MP was 'smart, acerbic and writes a very good blog' before going on to point out that those commenting on his blog were a bunch of roaring buffoons, perhaps I should have anticipated what would happen next.

Ah well, a journalist complaining about being taken out of context is beyond the pale though. But if he thinks enough of my opinion to quote me, perhaps he ought to link to my blog.

I might not agree with what he says, but at least you can find a link to what he does say here.


Unknown said...

David: many thanks for the mention.

Please feel free to use the following:

"A lively, intelligent, combative and compelling journalist, whose weekly column in the Daily Post was one of the principal reasons for buying it. His departure was a huge error on that newspaper's part"

Do feel free, also, to edit as you see fit.


David Jones

Banksy said...

Why would I edit that?

Touche David.