Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Down the Pub

I met an English smoker today who had recently returned from a trip to Wales.

He tells me he walked into a pub where they had been speaking English until he walked in whereupon they all started speaking Welsh.

But not only that...they all stopped smoking too.


Anonymous said...

Was he wearing a big sign saying I'M ENGLISH? If so then he was asking for it. Mind you, I'm getting fed up with having to speak Welsh everytime the English turn up.

Ifan M Jones said...

It might be easier just to install 'welsh-only' automatic doors at pubs? It would save us the hassle of having to suddenly re-learn Welsh, a language we of course never use in any other context, every time an englishman walks through the door.

You'd have to face the automatic door and cry 'Mellon!' (or whatever the word is in Welsh) to gain entry.

Banksy said... was meant to be a joke know, they accuse us of switching to Welsh to antagonise them and now they accuse us of stopping smoking to antagonise them.