Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hello to visitors from maes-e

A hearty good afternoon to all those of you finding your way here from the maes-e webchat place.

Apparently there's a bit of a poll going on there as to whether I'm a tw*t or not, and it has to be said that apart from one or two brave souls speaking in my defence the voting is not going entirely my way.

Ah me. Into every life a little rain must fall

The answer is, of course, yes I am. I urge you all to get back there, vote early and vote often.



Rhys Wynne said...

After a good start for the yeheys, I'd now say the neheys are in the lead ;-)

Dafydd Tomos said...

What is that word you starred? You probably are a twit, in the original sense of the word, as all good provocative journalists should be. You're not a twat, but you could be a twot (someone might invent a meaning for that one day).

Banksy said...

It's your second option they're voting on Dafydd.

Banksy said...

Yes, 'iawn cont' is not a greeting that translates easily.