Thursday, December 15, 2005

Column, December 13, or rather the lack of it

Yes, well, due a series of technical hitches too tiresome to go into here - even for a blog. I had to write my column on my wife's laptop - rather a natty little iBook - tangerine.

Anyhoo, I had to send it from her e-mail and here's the thing, I forgot to send a copy to myself. Quelle dommage.

So here's the abridged version.

Wrexham is as in love with the motor car as LA, so a survey of European cities has revealed.

It is the most motored up place in Europe for commuters.

That's because, I said, it has a public transport system that is a bag of bobbins.

Oh and I had a funny letter from a bloke called Charlie Roberts about panto. He remembers one in 1946 allegedly starring Issy Bonn (singer, comic, was one of the images on Sgt Pepper album apparently)

The panto, Sleeping Beauty, went on - no Issy, until ten minutes from the end, when the Good Fairy asked Beauty what she would wish for.

"I'd like to hear Issy Bonn sing 'The little Boy Santa Claus Forgot'" replied Beauty.

One comes Issy in full evening dress, belts out four numbers, and exits. Crowd loved it.

On reflection, Charlie's letter was the best bit of the column.


Rhys Wynne said...

Erm, can you not look in your wife's 'sent' folder in her e-mail account (assuming she'll let you near her laptop again)? Most e-mail systems have a 'sent' folder.

Banksy said...

Yes, thanks for that Rhys, but that makes two assumptions.

One, that I'm posting this from the same place as my wife's laptop, which I'm not.

And two, that I'm halfway competent, which is way, way off the mark.

As soon as I get access to her laptop I might post the full text, or else I might just leave the abridged version. It saves time.