Friday, October 14, 2005

Blog Cymru

The little Blog Cymru icon over to the right will take you to a blog aggregator set up by Aran Jones to collect English language blogs about Wales - he also set up, which aggregates Welsh-language blogs.

If you want to add your own blog to blogcymru, you'll find instructions how there, as well as code for the little icon.

You'll also find a whole bunch of blogs, all of which are more diverting and miles more technically proficient than this.

So I'm not sure why I'm directing you there in the first place. In fact don't go there, move along, nothing to see.

1 comment:

Aran said...

Finally driven by desperation at not being able to leave comments without a blogger account, and at having lost your email address, I've now ymbloggered. As it were.

Diolch yn fawr iawn am y plug! Let me know if brings you new readers - it's getting over 180 uniques a day already, so hopefully that will spill over...

Roedd bechod gen i glywed bod y cyfres teledu ddim wedi'i dderbyn. Ond sut mae'r dysgu'n mynd?

Pob hwyl am y tro,