Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blair's Outburst

Column will be blogged tomorrow, but I've not bothered with Blair and the "F****ing Welsh".

Does anyone actually care that much? Do you expect a politician, in private, to say anything else when results go the wrong way?

I just cannot get worked up about it in the slightest, so I've written about something else and left others more exercised by his language to comment.

In the grand scheme of things, I think taking us to war yapping around the heels of the USA ranks higher in his list of crimes and misdemeanours than does a few ill-tempered words about us.


Banksy said...

And Aled's outburst was as stupid as Blair's.

But Aled didn't just say that did he? And he didn't say it in private did he? Despite those who insist somewhat oddly that it was a 'private' e-mail.

There's a difference. Sadly.

Banksy said...

No, I'm not sure I would.