Monday, February 20, 2006

Hello Cambridge...and Baguley

The little counter thingy in the bottom right not only tells me how many visitors I've had, but where they come from.

A few recent arrivals show I've some avid readers in Cambridge and Baguley.

One Cambridge visitor appears to get in via the Kings College server.

Another reader who has been spending hours on here is from Baguley, which, if memory serves, is part of Manc-land.

Anyhow, you're perfectly welcome to remain anonymous, but by all means leave a hello if you wish, it would be nice to know who had spent so long here.

If not, thanks for improving my visit length stats.

1 comment:

Huw said...

Someone from Oxford's Keble College saw fit to bookmark me. I can imagine what possessed them. Truly remarkable.